All the big three operators provide the service of search of the subscriber, but interact only MTS and MegaFon. Therefore, learn the location of the user of Beeline only the owner of the SIM card from his company.
MTS offers the service "Locator". Activation takes place by sending a SMS to the service number 6677. It specifies the number of the subscriberwhose location you want to define. Then the other person receives an SMS-notification consent definition of its location. If it is received, you will be sent a link to the map, clicking on which you'll see where the moment is your friend. The cost of the service does not exceed 10 rubles.
MegaFon company provides this option in a wider format than other operators. In addition to requests from your phone, you can also visit the website of the company where after you specify the necessary information about the subscriber, the system will immediately show you where is the other. Using a mobile to determine location it is possible to send such a request: *148* then enter the number of the subscriberyou want to find, press # and the call button. Another way is to call the number 0880 and specify the phone there someone looking in the Federal format. The principle of consent of the information is the same as everywhere else, the subscriber receives a confirmation message of the information requested. The cost of the service for each request is 7 rubles.
Beeline offers its subscriberm "Mobile locator". This service must first be activated by calling 06849924 or by sending a message with the letter "L" to the short number 684. In response, the system prompts you to enter the phone number of the friend you want to find, and after his consent you will receive a link with the location of the subscriber. The cost of a single query - 3 rubles.