Subscribers of MegaFon can determine the location of the phoneand its owner in two ways. Method one: go to the website there you will be able to obtain the necessary information, containing coordinates of the mobile device that can be seen on the accompanying map. By the way, go to this site you can with a computer and phone. If you decide to use the second method, then send the request *148*subscriber's number# (please include through +7) or call 0888. Cost each request is 5 rubles (inclusive of taxes).
In the "Beeline" there are two numbers that you can find out where the phone and its owner. One of these rooms you can call (06849924), and the second is to send a text message "L" (684). However, no matter which room you choose to locate the other party, pay the same: any request "facilitate" your balance is 2 rubles.
The operator "MTS" provides the special service "Locator". To use it, send it to short number 6677 message with the number of subscriber you want to find. The cost of the items is equal to about 10 rubles (it depends on the rate that you use).