If you are a subscriber of MegaFon, locate a person by mobile phone number several ways. First and foremost, it is a convenient and short USSD-request *148*(phone number to search through "+7")#. In addition, you can use the site and specify the number of the desired subscriber via a special form. Finally, you need to call 0888 to contact the operator MegaFon and request a search of the person.
Subscribers of MTS can use the service Locator to find the location of person by mobile phone number. To activate send SMS to 6677. In the message, specify the phone number to search and wait for the response with the coordinates of the location. Furthermore, this service has some features, which you can find below.
The company's clients Beeline has the ability to locate a person by mobile phone number by sending an SMS with the letter L and the number of subscriber to search for at number 684. In addition, you can learn the location of the person using the site operator, where there is a corresponding special section.
If you have no desire or time to deal with the search algorithm of the subscriber's location, just try to call the technical support service of your operator (0888 – MegaFon, 0890 – MTS 0611 – Beeline). Inform about what you want to know where the user is located, then tell the number. Most often operators are clients to meet and help activate the appropriate service manual.
The location of the subscriber's number is carried out only with his consent. As soon as you try to use this service, the subscriber will receive a notification. If he would respond to his message with the word YES or YES, you will get its coordinates, otherwise you will not be able to know its current coordinates. In addition, the search service is paid by all operators, and its average cost is 10 rubles.