Using "Mobile locator" from the "Beeline" subscribers can at any time to know the location of another subscriber. The service is available in the room 06849924; sending a request is performed on short number 684. Just send him a message with the text "L". The cost of each query is 2 rubles 05 kopecks, but the connection and the monthly fee is absent.
The operator "MTS" provides its customers a service called "Locator". To mount it you need to send a message to the number 6677. The message itself should contain the phone number of the subscriber, the location where you want to learn. After sending this SMS the subscriber will receive the message (this time with your number). Then he will have to either confirm or reject your request. Each request will cost you about 10 rubles (or more, since for each rate value may be different).
Users of MegaFon unable to access the service not just through your mobile phone but through the computer. To do this, go to the website where you can obtain information about the location of another subscriber. In addition, obtaining such information is possible and on 0888 or via USSD-request *148*the number of the caller#. After a call to one of these rooms for the other person to get your request that it should be (as in MTS) to confirm (or to deny it). To confirm your location and the subscriber will send the text "+" and your phone number to free number 000888. For each request, the operator will charge your account 5 rubles.