Use one of several free numbers to contact the operator MegaFon directly. For example, being within a regional network, you simply dial 0505. In addition, throughout Russia there is a hot line 8-800-550-05-00. Also, almost every region has its own number, for example, in "MegaFon Volga" is 8-927-111-05-00.
Once the connection is established, you will be in the voice menu, where you can go to one or another information section by pressing the corresponding key on the phone. If you don't want to spend personal time, just press "0" to reach operator MegaFon directly. This will start ringing, and after a while you will be answered by the technical support staff member of the company of cellular communication.
If you have the opportunity, don't press 0 and listen to the options available. For example, if you need to find out your rate, balance, connect or disconnect a particular service, it is easier to do it yourself through the automatic voice menu. Communication with the operator in real time can be quite lengthy. In addition, the line is often busy, and there are usually long wait for a response.
In the presence of a non-urgent question, use additional features that will allow you to directly access the operator MegaFon. On the official website there is a section "Assistance to subscribers". Fill in the fields specifying your name, telephone number, the question and email address. You will receive a response from the support team via E-mail within a few business days. In addition, there is a special short number 0500, which you can send a TEXT message with your question to the operator.
Using any navigation program on your phone, find out if there are any nearby office or salon svyazi MegaFon. Employees of the organization in a mandatory manner provide the necessary support to subscribers. This method of treatment is particularly effective in cases when you need urgent connection or disconnection of any services to lock or unlock the SIM card and recharge your mobile account without Commission.