To see what services are available on Megaphone, directly from your mobile phone by dialing USSD-command *105#. The request form may vary depending on the region, for example, *100#, *105*1*1*2# etc. More information about this please contact the help Desk.
Try to see connected services on the Megaphone via a directory service. For this you need to dial a short number 0500. Subscribers of the Metropolitan network can also call 502 55 00.Follow the prompts of the voice menu, select "Services" and make a report, which after some time will come to your room in the form of SMS messages. Also you can talk with the operator directly and ask the helpdesk to report which services are connected to your room.
Use the service "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of MegaFon. Follow the instructions in the appropriate section of the website to gain access to the system. You can request a password to log in to your personal account by sending a message with the code 41 short number 000105. The entrance to the "Internet Assistant" to login to your account directly from your mobile phone by dialing *105#. Go to "Services" to see a list of the currently connected options. Not only can you stay up to date of active paid and free services, but on and off with one click of the mouse on the appropriate button.
You can contact one of our showrooms or offices of the operator the Megaphone in your town. Employees will tell you what services are connected to MegaFon, and also helps to disable the unnecessary ones. Assistance is provided only to those subscribers who have a passport.
To see the connected services Megaphone online, don't have to sign in your personal account. Try to go to "Services" section on the home page and select from the list presented here your current rate. So you will learn what options are included, and how you can connect or disconnect.