The first method

To call the operator MegaFon absolutely free by dialing 8(800)333-05-00. This Federal, to call on him free as a home phone, and mobile to any mobile operator in Russia (MTS, Beeline, and Tele2, etc.). After dialing and connection you will hear the voice of the informant. In order not to waste time, just click the first digit "1" then the number "2", then after a few seconds you will be able to talk with a specialist Call center and learn the answers to all your questions concerning communication, pricing, options, etc. If at first you don't succeed call, you can use additional: 8-800-550-05-00. Phone any mobile operator in Russia is free for subscribers of the Megaphone toll-free and outside of Russia.

The second method

This method is suitable only to those who have a telephone connection with a Megaphone. To contact the operator by calling to the short number 0500 and to perform all of the proposed actions. It is worth remembering that neither the town nor the mobile phone of other mobile operators to call this number to operator MegaFon you can't.

The third way

This method is a little more complicated than the previous two and fit it is, perhaps, more advanced subscribers. To contact the operator, you need a computer or laptop with camera and microphone. To make a call you need to go to the official website of MegaFon, find the "Support" and try to contact a specialist.

The fourth way

This method is suitable for those callers that can't call (a communication problem). If you wish to get an answer to your question, you can use the "chat" on the website Megaphone. To do this, go to the "Support" and on the right side choose the tab "Chat". Here you can ask your question and quickly get an answer.

The fifth method

If you do not wish to talk live with an operator, but the answer to the question you need to, you can send a message with the question text to the short number 0500. It can be done exclusively to subscribers of MegaFon. The answer will arrive within 24 hours.

Contact the operator, you can not only find out the answers to your questions, but also to learn all the news in the world of services in this regard, tariffs, options, plug in new services or to disable those that you do not use to pick up the optimum tariff plan and so on.