Open a browser and navigate to the official website of the operator "MegaFon". Select from the drop down list next to the logo of the company branch (Volga branch). Click on the envelope with purple leaves "Send SMS". Fill in the message form window.
Enter the phone number and select the prefix from a list of possible. Compose the text message using 150 characters including spaces. If necessary, check the box next to "Enable transliteration", then the subscriber will receive a message in which Cyrillic characters are converted to Latin. If necessary, specify the time when the message should be delivered to the addressee.
Type the words from image-captcha, when all of the above will be done to confirm that you are not a spam bot. Click "Send". Free SMS to the subscriber "the Megaphone-the Volga region" will be sent. Monitor the delivery of the message by clicking on the appropriate link that will appear after sending.
Send a free sms to the subscriber "the Megaphone-the Volga region" from ICQ. Download ICQ and register for the program, if not already done. Under the avatar, name and status there are several buttons corresponding to the groups "contacts List", "news from friends", "My notifications" and "Send SMS". Click on the last button, which is marked by a small yellow cloud that says "SMS".
Enter the phone number without the country code (7, +7, 8) and print a message in the appropriate field. When typing Cyrillic letters, you have 58 symbols, Latin — 148. In addition, above the field message appears "Left SMS". After the limit is reached send the message would be impossible. Click "Send". After sending will display "SMS sent successfully".
Send a message from the app in a social network "Vkontakte" if you are registered on this website. Log in to your account. Click on the "Games" section in the top menu. In the search bar type Install the application to your page and click on it to download.
Enter the phone number of the subscriber of "MegaFon" Volga branch format 7ххххххх and type your message in the designated field. Remember that when you write Russian text you have 38 characters with spaces when typing translit — 108, and in a day you can send up to 10 free messages. Click "Send". The message is delivered promptly.
If you do use the services of the operator "MegaFon", you will see the program "MegaFon-Bonus". Find out how many bonus points credited to your account by sending a message to the number 5010 message with the number 0. Then open a browser to the website Based on how much bonus points you have, select a reward of 10, 20 or 50 free SMS.
Please note that remuneration is only one month (30 days). Order your reward: dial USSD-command in the line next to the name on your phone and hit "Call". Send a normal message to the subscriber of the Megaphone-the Volga region. The funds from your account will not be charged.