How to check the balance on a Megaphone

To know account balance of your mobile phone or arrears for the consumed services in the following ways:

1) dial USSD-request *111*1# or *100#, then the balance will appear on the screen of the mobile;

2) call the number 0501 and listen to your balance information;

3) to send an SMS message to the number 000100 and wait for a response.

Call the hotline Megaphone

For communication with the operator, the subscriber provides the following useful numbers Megaphone:

1) 0500 – short-free number for individuals, which you can also send a text message with interesting questions;

2) 0555 – free short number for legal entities;

3) 8-800-5500500 – phone hot line;

4) 0567 – room universal reference MegaFon;

5) +7-926-1110500 – hot line number you should dial from roaming.

The activation of the service "Promised payment"

To use the service "Promised payment" on a Megaphone, you need the following rooms and requests:

1) 0006 call and send SMS-messages to activate the service;

2) *106# - USSD-command for the activation of the service, including roaming.

Wake for friend's expense" (how to send a beacon with a Megaphone)

To make a call by another subscriber MegaFon in two ways:

1) dial 000 – the number of the person you want to call – the call (e.g., 0008ХХХХХХХХХХ or 0007ХХХХХХХХХХ);

2) send the combination *144*called number# call, then the subscriber will get a SMS asking to call back.

Useful USSD codes for other services MegaFon

There are other, not less useful numbers Megaphone and USSD codes, you can use:

- *105*1*3# - learn pay-per-view entertainment services;

- *105*2*8*8# - to turn off the Internet;

- *105*6*1# - to know your number;

- *225*1*5# - to check the balance of minutes, Mb and the number of MMS and SMS;

- *225*2# - learn connected services and options;

- *225*3*2# - the latest payments;

- *225*3*3# - to obtain the list of unpaid invoices;

- *225*5*1# - to know your rate on a Megaphone;

- *225*5*2# - to define a region;

- *225*7*3# - to connect a paid service "Instant account";

- *669# - obtain information on the costs.

If timely and properly use these USSD codes and useful numbers the Megaphone, you can protect yourself from unnecessary costs and to continue active use of the desired service to the operator.