1. To find out what paid services are connected to your number, dial *105*503#.
2. If you want to view your expenses for the day, send free SMS "5041" to the number 000105, information for the month - a text that says "5042" to the same number.
3. If you run out of money in the account, you can add funds using "Promised payment". To do this, dial *106# and select the amount you want to recharge. Please note that the paid service: you will have to pay a 10% restocking fee.
4. To check your bonus account, you must send an SMS with the number "0" to the number 5010. To exchange bonus points for communications services by dialing "0510 beep" and then follow the voice prompts. Bonuses can be spent on a minute of conversation, SMS, MMS and MB of mobile Internet.
5.. If you want to prevent the sending of SMS messages to paid service numbers a content-providers, connect service Stop kontekt". To do this, dial *105*801#. The service is activated and deactivated free of charge.
6. To view the connected services, as well as to connect or disconnect services can be in your account.To do this, go to the page of "MegaFon", select the tab "my account" and enter the login name - last 10 digits of the phone number. To retrieve/update the password, dial a free command *105*00# or send an SMS with the command "00" to the number 000105. Enter the password and get into your account.
7. And two useful numbers: 8 800 333-05-00 (free operator "MegaFon" as with any mobile or landline phone) and 0550 ( calls in support of MegaFon from your mobile phone)