You will need
  • mobile phone with any, even a negative balance, or Internet access
Dial on your mobile phone the following combination of figures - 0500. It is a single phone number of the contact center of the company the Megaphone. Call him. Your call will always be free even with a negative balance of funds.
In response, you will hear an answering machine - a pleasant female voice. It will tell you that you can get the right information for you and connect the right services and tariffs of the company by using a convenient menu. Next, select the question that interests you. Click on these voice mail button of your mobile phone. To connect with the specialist press the number "zero".
If you want to know how to contact the cellular operator MegaFon through a local area network, the Internet, then go to the official website of MegaFon. Then click the link "Assistance to subscribers," which is located at the top right of the page, next to the window "Search". A new page will open "Online consultant".
Carefully read the posted information, then click "go to online Advisor." So you will find yourself on the center for support of MegaFon, where you will need to introduce themselves, choose a topic and region. Finally, click "OK".