Try calling into a Megaphone from a mobile phone directly by typing a single short number operator 0500. In addition, contact the technical support service and select the desired question in the voice menu number 0505. To call the operator MegaFon is possible even with a negative cash balance in the account since the call within the network is free.
Read the information, which will give the machine. Using that menu, you can receive the necessary information to connect or disconnect tariffs and services. Make sure you activate tone dialing mode by pressing "star" button on the phone. To call the operator MegaFon directly by pressing the number "0" or after waiting some time a voice input of the user is completed, the connection with the operator will start automatically.
You can call a Megaphone free of charge not only mobile, but also from a landline phone in any point of Russia at a special telephone line 8-800-333-05-00. You directly connect with an operator who will prompt information on any matter relating to the services of cellular communication Megaphone. However, sometimes the support line can be busy, so hang on and just wait for some time.
Subscribers can not only call through a Megaphone from a mobile phone, but contact him via the Internet. Open the official website of the operator and go to "Help customers", clicking on the appropriate link on the main page. You will see the page "Online consultant".
Select your region visit support center Megaphone, and then your name and the question. Leave a valid email address to get the answer of the operator. Feedback email comes within a few days.