How to call the operator MegaFon on a single number

To call the operator MegaFon for free you need to have a single short number referral service 0500. The call instantly answer the answering machine, listen to his message and then be connected with a free operator MegaFon. If the line is not free, the system will determine the approximate wait time and will inform you about it. To call the operator MegaFon for free number 0500 can only subscribers of MegaFon, the account balance can be negative. If you want to contact from a landline or a phone that caters to a different mobile operator (Tele 2, MTS, Beeline) dial 8 800 550 05 00. These numbers employees MegaFon is ready to answer your calls at any time of the day.

Number 0500 you can also send SMS, in which to describe the problem. After receiving your query, the helpdesk operator MegaFon will call you back and try to help.

How to call the operator MegaFon from another country

A communication problem can occur in the moment when you are on vacation or on a business trip abroad and don't know how to call the operator MegaFon for free. The fact that a single room 0500 not available for subscribers in roaming. In this situation help another one international telephone line, which can be contacted with a representative of MegaFon. Enter from your mobile +7 926 111 05 00. Please note that the dialing is in international format +7.

If you are a corporate client Megaphone and are outside your home network, then call the operator MegaFon for free you can use shortcodes or 0500 0555. Connection with the specialist in this situation, through feedback, that is, after a set of combination of numbers the connection is dropped and you receive a phone call from the operator MegaFon. Usually calls come in from numbers +7 928 111 05 00 or +7 928 111 05 55.

How to contact the operator the Megaphone via the Internet

When you do not have a mobile phone, get expert advice Megaphone through the official website of the operator. However, it must be fulfilled several conditions:

- Internet speed at least 256 KB per second;

- configured and enabled microphone;

- working camera.

If all these conditions are met, the site Megaphone, find the window "video", click on it and wait for operator response. Consultation by video-link is another convenient way to call the operator MegaFon for free.

Also on the official website of MegaFon, one can get the information by writing about your problem in the chat. To do this, find the section "Services and support", choose the menu "Ask a question" at the bottom of the line describe your problem or ask a question. Also make sure to include your phone number, full name and email address. As soon as the operator will solve your issue to mail the message you are interested in the answer.