View the name of the tariff plan in the contract that you signed when buying the SIM card of "MegaFon". If this document is lost or you've changed tariff, you can use a phone customer service. In a network "the Megaphone" dial a short number 0500.
Then listen to the answering machine, or press 1 to log in to your personal account. To find out the name of the billing plan, click the "3".
If you want to get information about the tariff rates and provide conditions, enter 0500. Then press "4".
You can also learn the name of the tariff plan from the operator. To do this, by calling 0500, press "0".
Find out the name of the tariff plan via USSD command. Type in the network "Megaphone" the following combination of characters: *105#. You will see a list, which will consist of such items as "My account", "Rates" "Services" etc., Select the first item, to do this, press "1". After that there will be another list, you will need to click "10". If you want to get information about the available fares, dial from your phone the following command: *105*2#.
Get information about the tariff plan by the customer service center. The company has offices in almost every city, where the coverage area of OJSC "MegaFon". For directions, contact the operator or act to the instructions of the autoinformer (type 0500, then press 7). To get information about the addresses of the offices, you can through the official pages on the Internet.
View tariff plan via the Internet. To do this, go to the website of the cellular operator, OAO "MegaFon", select "Service Guide". Enter the password and phone number. On the opened front page you will see the name of the connected rate.