Advice 1: How to contact the operator the Megaphone the Volga region

To contact the operator of the customer service Department of the Volga branch of the cellular operator "MegaFon", please call the toll free number, check video links on the site or ask a question in the message.
How to contact the operator the Megaphone the Volga region
Call the referral service of MegaFon for free number 8-800-333-05-00. The phone is the same for all subscribers of "MegaFon" in the territory of the Russian Federation. Turn the phone into tone mode and following the instructions of the voice in the receiver, first press "1" to address issues related to the mobile phone, and then "2" for connection with the operator. Tell him that you are a subscriber of the Volga branch of MegaFon, the operator will answer your questions himself or switch to a specialist in your branch.
Go to the official website of "Megaphone". Please note on the upper left part of the page, next to the company logo, select the "Volga branch". In the horizontal menu, select the button to the right of "Help and support", click on it. Then on the left side of the page displays the vertical menu, locate and click the "Ask a question".
This section allows you to make video call and to contact customer services "the Megaphone". Make sure that the microphone is enabled on your computer, bandwidth is not less than 128 KB/s and the connected web camera. If the camera is not connected or it is not, you will see the a customer service representative, however, he will not see you. Set during a session video, all the questions that interest you.
Please note on the bottom of the page "Ask a question". There is a window in which you can ask a question in writing. Besides of the question you must fill in the individual fields with your name, phone number and email address. Also, you need to pick the subject matter and the scope of those that belong to the Volga branch of the company. After filling all the fields press the "Send" button and wait for a response to the email Inbox.

Advice 2: How to get in touch with a megaphone

Quite often the customers of the network operator "the Megaphone" there is a need for prompt consultation with a specialist. Today there are three ways of communication with consultants of the cellular operator "MegaFon".
How to get in touch with a megaphone
You will need
  • Cell phone, PC, Internet access
Call from your mobile phone. To contact a support representative customers of MegaFon you need from your cell phone to dial 0550 and press the call. Upon connection you will be in an electronic voice menu of the service by following the prompts, you will be able to contact a support representative and ask your questions.
Call from your mobile or landline phone. You can also use the free phone line operator from any point of Russia. For this you need to call 8-800-333-05-00. Upon connection you will be able to get the information you need on any issue. Specialist support is typically responsible from the moment of connection, however, if all the operators at the time of treatment are busy, you will have to wait a while until one of them.
Appeal in support of the cellular operator "the Megaphone" through the Internet. To contact a specialist similarly, you need to visit the official website of "MegaFon", located at At the top of the screen select "customer Support", and then, using a special form of website, ask a question. The answer from the expert will be sent to your specified email address.

Advice 3: How to send free SMS on a Megaphone the Volga region

Mobile communication has become very popular. However, many are seeking to reduce the cost of telephone communication, changing operators and moving from plan to plan in search of savings. To use for communication service SMS is much cheaper than traditional calls. But you can save even more if you use the service of sending free SMS. This service is available to subscribers of many operators, in particular, "the Megaphone-the Volga region".
How to send free SMS on a Megaphone the Volga region
Open a browser and navigate to the official website of the operator "MegaFon". Select from the drop down list next to the logo of the company branch (Volga branch). Click on the envelope with purple leaves "Send SMS". Fill in the message form window.
Enter the phone number and select the prefix from a list of possible. Compose the text message using 150 characters including spaces. If necessary, check the box next to "Enable transliteration", then the subscriber will receive a message in which Cyrillic characters are converted to Latin. If necessary, specify the time when the message should be delivered to the addressee.
Type the words from image-captcha, when all of the above will be done to confirm that you are not a spam bot. Click "Send". Free SMS to the subscriber "the Megaphone-the Volga region" will be sent. Monitor the delivery of the message by clicking on the appropriate link that will appear after sending.
Send a free sms to the subscriber "the Megaphone-the Volga region" from ICQ. Download ICQ and register for the program, if not already done. Under the avatar, name and status there are several buttons corresponding to the groups "contacts List", "news from friends", "My notifications" and "Send SMS". Click on the last button, which is marked by a small yellow cloud that says "SMS".
Enter the phone number without the country code (7, +7, 8) and print a message in the appropriate field. When typing Cyrillic letters, you have 58 symbols, Latin — 148. In addition, above the field message appears "Left SMS". After the limit is reached send the message would be impossible. Click "Send". After sending will display "SMS sent successfully".
Send a message from the app in a social network "Vkontakte" if you are registered on this website. Log in to your account. Click on the "Games" section in the top menu. In the search bar type Install the application to your page and click on it to download.
Enter the phone number of the subscriber of "MegaFon" Volga branch format 7ххххххх and type your message in the designated field. Remember that when you write Russian text you have 38 characters with spaces when typing translit — 108, and in a day you can send up to 10 free messages. Click "Send". The message is delivered promptly.
If you do use the services of the operator "MegaFon", you will see the program "MegaFon-Bonus". Find out how many bonus points credited to your account by sending a message to the number 5010 message with the number 0. Then open a browser to the website Based on how much bonus points you have, select a reward of 10, 20 or 50 free SMS.
Please note that remuneration is only one month (30 days). Order your reward: dial USSD-command in the line next to the name on your phone and hit "Call". Send a normal message to the subscriber of the Megaphone-the Volga region. The funds from your account will not be charged.

Advice 4: How to contact the operator MegaFon by phone or Internet

Sometimes contact the mobile operator becomes a must. It happens that for some strange reason deducted money from my account bugged or annoying SMS-mailing and want to get rid of them. Sometimes it does not work to connect the desired service or feature, contact the office of the company once or simply not around. In such cases, you can simply contact the operator MegaFon and receive information within a few minutes.
How to contact the operator MegaFon by phone or Internet

How to contact the operator MegaFon

Most of the services offered the Megaphone can be connected independently. For this there is a short number 0500. By pressing key, which dictates the answering machine, select the desired service or feature, and listened to information becomes the gateway to the intended target. Often, however, the explanation of the system do not give a detailed answer to the question or explanation is unclear. Can happen that you do everything in accordance with what he heard, but no result. Or information about your problem is not in the base of the machine. In this case, you want a live chat with a qualified professional.

MegaFon company is always happy to help its customers to contact the operator and get the answer to your question. This can be done in several ways.

How to contact the operator of the MegaFon cellular

To hear the response of the operator, you need to call specifically designed for this short number 0500. To use this service from your phone, even if it is negative balance. For subscribers of MegaFon this call is absolutely free. Short the 0500 number is a Federal number, the same for all residents of any of the regions of Russia.

The answering machine will give a short consultation, after which it will be clear enough for you this information, or required the assistance of a competent specialist. If the answering machine is not enough, press "0". Automatic service will warn you that the conversations of the Call center are recorded, and also call waiting for the response from the operator. Waiting for connection with a specialist, explain in detail and politely your problem and try together with the operator to resolve it.

To contact the operator the Megaphone can call the hotline +79261110500 (for residents of Moscow), 88003330500, +74955077777, 88005500500 (for all other regions).

How to contact the operator of the Megaphone via the Internet

Another option to get a response from the operator MegaFon – contact him via the company's official website in this case, you can count on the online consultation via the built-in computer camera. On the home page need to find the "Help" section out of it to click on the tab "Ask a question" and click on the "Video call". This option is ideal for those subscribers of MegaFon, which has a computer web camera and microphone, and the Internet speed is high enough that a connection is not torn and does not "hang up".

If your Internet speed is insufficient and to obtain the video consultations did not work, the web site of the company offers Online help specialist. She is in the same "Help"section.

Here, on the official website, you can find the email address or the category of "feedback", which you can get the answer to your question. Just fill out a standard form or write an email to the email address. Check that the email address match your region.

If all of the above methods for some reason failed, and the issue of cellular communication Megaphone remains open, you can try to explain it in SMS-the message that should be sent to the phone number 0500. In the near future reply.

The technical service of cellular communication company MegaFon operates around the clock, so the problem can be solved at any time.

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