To call Vodafone from your mobile simply dial from your phone short number 0611. You can listen to the information the automated system of fares, the various options and services of the operator, obtain information on account and more.
If you want to call a specialist Beeline, you have to switch your phone to tone mode of dialing and follow the instructions electronic answering machine, by pressing the corresponding numbers moving in the right menu.
To call Beeline to the short number 0611, you need to have the SIM card of the operator and be within the coverage area of the network.
If the conditions described above, you can not perform, do not despair. To reach the specialist Beeline mobile from another operator or from a landline phone you can the number 8 800 700 0611.
If you are in international roaming, you can use a direct number to call the service, Beeline +7 495 9748888. Please note that to dial the phone should be only +7 through eight to call a specialist from another country will be impossible.
If you are unable to call Vodafone from mobile or landline, there are many other options to solve with specialists of the problem. For example, you can enter your personal account via the company website or contact passport in the sales office.