Reference service is an important unit that provides contact to mobile operator with its subscribers on any questions. With the help Desk staff of the operator "Megaphone" can communicate how existing network users and subscribers of other mobile operators.

Information service for subscribers of "MegaFon"

For those who are the owners of a SIM-card issued in one of the offices of mobile operator "MegaFon", a special shortcode which allows you to quickly and conveniently contact the help Desk of the cellular operator. In order to call the service specialists, quite from your mobile to dial a short number 0500 and wait for the response from the employee.

This room is versatile for any issues related to the implementation of the service. So by calling here you can get the latest information on current tariffs, as well as discounts and promotions, which are held in by the operator at the moment. At this number you can receive information automatically, and to speak to the helpdesk operator who, after hearing your question, I would be able to switch you to the right employee depending on the nature of the problem.

In this case a call on 0500 number is free for all subscribers of "MegaFon" and can be implemented regardless of the status of their accounts. So, even if you have no money, or you have a negative balance, you can always call the help Desk. It should be borne in mind that it works around the clock, so your question can be solved as soon as it appeared.

Referral service for other users

To obtain information on the work of the cellular operator "MegaFon" and subscribers of other companies: they are available in the same range of services and information, and to subscribers of "MegaFon", a caller to the help Desk. The need to make such a call can occur for a variety of reasons: for example, you need to find out information for your friend or family member that is a subscriber of the operator, who now can't call the help Desk, or you want to become its subscriber.

In all these cases, you must dial 8 (800) 550-05-00. He, like a room designed for current subscribers of the mobile operator, operates around the clock and is free for all users. To make a call on this number from anywhere in Russia, so you can use them regardless of what city you are in.