When you decide that you need to dial the help service of MegaFon, are you hoping that you will talk to a live operator, to whom you describe your problem. But the disappointment comes when in the tube you hear the voice of the automated system, offering push button to move from section to section.
Among so many sections it is quite difficult to get lost, and using real employee is handy, if you don't know much about the technical issues of the service operator MegaFon. Wandering through the maze of buttons, can be difficult to find a cherished number you want to dial to hear the voice of the expert.
In fact, to call the operator MegaFon mobile simply. To do this, dial your phone number 8(800)333-05-00 or 0500. A call to the hotline is free, so the response time of a specialist you will not have to pay. To quickly inform the employee of the operator, followed during the automated message system to transfer the phone to tone dialing (mobile in this mode is the default, and the city your phone is by pressing *), and gain unit, and after a few seconds the two.
After the system message about a possible record your conversation, you get into the call queue to the operator MegaFon.
You can also contact a specialist MegaFon by phone 8-800-550-05-00 and international roaming at +7-922-111-05-00.
If for any reason you are unable to get through to the operator the Megaphone from his mobile, passport, contact the nearest office of the company. There you will have all the help of a real employee, the answer of which will not have to wait in the call queue.
Professionals can also send email from the site via the support section. The answer will come to you at the email address, and if necessary the employee of the company will call you back.
To call the operator MegaFon is possible not only with mobile but from the computer. If you have a high speed Internet connection, webcam and microphone, then you'll have to make a video call. This should go on the company website in the section video.
To solve its problem with the service from MegaFon, you can also use the service"Online consultant" and look for the answer to your question among the most popular on the company's website or contact the live chat via the support section.
Operator MegaFon not only can you call from a mobile, but also send a message from your phone. Questions should be sent to the room 0500.