To send USSD-request to check your personal account on the network "MegaFon", dial the following combination of characters: *100# and the call key. After a few seconds the screen of your mobile phone will display the amount of remaining funds on the account at the requested time. This service is free.
If you want to get information about the last ten withdrawals of funds from your account, send USSD-request with the following contents: *108# and a call key. In response you will receive an sms informing you about the charges for calls, sms, mms, mobile Internet, USSD-querys etc. the Cost of such requestand, according to information provided on the official website of the operator "MegaFon"is 4 rubles with VAT.
In order to activate the payment card for account replenishment in a network "Megaphone", type the following query: *101*card number # and press the call key.
With a specific requestand in a network "the Megaphone" can provide the access control services with the option "Service guide" or "Service guide LIGHT" (depends on rate). To open the menu "Service guide", use a combination of: *105# and press the call button. Thus you will receive the ability to control the services and rates.
When the need arose to replenish the account of another subscriber, if you are a subscriber of a network "Megaphone", type the following command: *145 # amount # number # and press the call key. Follow further indication system. To use this service it is necessary that it was connected.
If your account suddenly out of money, you can use the service "the Megaphone" - "Pay for me", your request will be available to subscriber of any operator in Russia. To implement the requestand dial on your phone the following combination: *143*subscriber's number to which you are applying with a request # and a call key. In return you will receive a message with the following text: "Subscriber XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sent a request to your account".