Try to call the operator MegaFon mobile phone. Inside your network, simply dial a short number 0550, and you immediately go into the voice menu. Listen to the instructions and select the appropriate section of the service using the function keys of your phone. To directly contact the operator, MegaFon, press "0" or just stay connected for some time and the connection will start automatically. As soon as the support technician will answer your call, state the nature of your question or problem as completely as possible. Be prepared to provide your phone number and passport details to verify your identity. Call 0550 is free.
If you want to call the operator MegaFon from your home phone or mobile number of another operator, use the free phone line 8-800-333-05-00. Then proceed in the same way as in the previous step: select the necessary item from the voice menu using the telephone keypad, or connect with the operator directly.
In the absence of the ability to call the operator MegaFon by phone, try to contact the technical support service through the official website of the company. On the main page you will see a link called "customer Support". Click on it and you will see special form where you can ask questions. Before sending a question, you must specify your e-mail address: it will receive the response from the operator. Typically the support reviews applications received within a few days.