MegaFon offers its subscribers several ways of communication with the subscription service, where you can get answers to all service-related questions, to solve problems. The basic options are calls to toll-free numbers for support. So, customers located in Russia, have the opportunity to contact a support professional by phone 8-800-550-0500. You can also use the number +7-926-111-0500 calls that are free not only from our country but also from anywhere in the world. It is recommended to use the operator only in those cases when you cannot find an answer to a question yourself using information posted on the official website of the company.

Other methods of telephone communication with the subscriber service Megaphone

If for any reason you can not call the customer service of MegaFon at the above phone numbers, you can use the aid of an automatic voice assistant. To do this, the subscribers of the cellular operator it is enough to dial a simple number 0505. When using this option, many problems are resolved independently, without operator intervention. Finally, another rapid and convenient method of communication with the subscriber sending service is free for clients of SMS-messages on number 0500.

Alternative ways of interacting with the subscription service of the Megaphone

If none of the methods of telephone communication with support personnel, customers of MegaFon for any reason not suitable, then the subscriber has the opportunity to use alternative channels for interacting with this unit. So, from the home page of the official website of the operator you can go to a special chat room designed for customer interaction. It is also possible to promptly obtain the necessary information, answers to your questions. Finally, the slowest, but also a possible way of interacting with the subscriber service is a special form which is also available at the portal of MegaFon. Fill in all the fields of this form, the subscriber some time to get a response specialist customer service. These methods are secondary, because the greatest efficiency and accuracy provides a regular phone call.