You will need
  • landline or mobile phone
Every cell phone company has its own "mobile office", which is programmed to perform certain commands, including quick connect with a specialist.

If you are a subscriber of MTS network and you need skilled professional help, for communication with the operator you need to dial a short number 0890. Then in the tone mode press 0, if calling from a mobile. If you want to talk with the operator on the landline, then it is necessary to dial a different combination of numbers: (800) 3330890.
Communication with experts of mobile operator "Beeline" is a little complicated quite a long voice menu. By calling the number 0611 (mobile call), you have to first listen to an information announcement. If you are interested in receiving this information, immediately after dialling, press 0 and wait for connection. If you don't have a mobile phone, use an alternative room 546611, for use with "urban".
You are subscriber of MegaFon? Then call up the operator by phone 555, then pressing the 0 key (the same as in the above-mentioned operators).
The operator Tele2 also has its call center. To use the services of its specialists by dialing 611. This is the free room single reference network, where one of the many consultants will answer all your questions. To call this number need only mobile. Unlike most suppliers of cellular communication Tele2 has also paid room (4942) 47-24-25.