Reference service of the mobile operators has its advantages. For example, if you're away from a cellular phone company or you have any problems with the tariff, in this case, the ideal option would be a call to the help Desk.

The phone numbers of their information service

All users of mobile services should know telephone help Desk operator. If you are a user of "MegaFon" in the event of any problems, you should call by phone 8 (800) 550-05-00. Past calls to this number are free.

The pros and cons of treatment to help service the Megaphone

Despite these benefits call the information service of the company, as a savings of time and money to travel to the office, this service has disadvantages. For example, in cases of occurrence of system failures, you can never get through to the helpdesk. Such was the case last summer, when the phone bills of subscribers are charged without any reason. Some users called for 1-1,5 hours to help service the Megaphone, but didn't receive answers to their questions. Subscribers had to visit the offices of the company to determine the causes.

How can you call the helpdesk Megaphone

Theoretically, any subscriber can get through to the helpdesk at any time. Of course, the time of waiting during the night and also during emergency situations will be more.

If you have a question about the tariff connected services, options, and other standard information, you can obtain background information on their own, without waiting for the answer of the helpdesk operator. For this you will need to dial 0500 and press the call button. You will be redirected to your account of which will be able not only to learn the details of their fare, but the balance on the mobile phone account, a list of paid subscriptions, and other useful information. It is therefore not necessary to forget about similar services of the mobile operator.

What can help enquiry service Megaphone

Operators of help service of the company will be able to provide you with information about services, tariffs and promotions to give your estimated time of fix them if they arise, help to connect or disconnect service, etc. If you are not familiar with the intricacies of the services provided by MegaFon, the it help Desk staff will help you to solve a particular problem.