Sometimes it may seem that acne is ubiquitous, since they may appear in different places: on the face, back, shoulders. Localization is sometimes acne at all unusual, for example, arms above the elbow. Of course, at this point, the rash is not so noticeable, but cause trouble no less. Clothes with short sleeve now not wear, and that which is long – very rough on skin, which can lead to spread of infection.

Why do I get pimples on the arms above the elbow

The most common cause of acne on arms above the elbow is the body's response to different stimuli or simply allergies. An allergen can be food, household chemicals, animal dander, dust. In this case, the patient must see a specialists, who, with the help of analyses to more accurately determine the allergen and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The dysbiosis, lack of vitamin in the body may also manifest itself by the appearance of lesions on the hands. In these cases, it is sufficient to reconsider the diet of the patient and after a short time the acne itself will disappear. Much worse, if in addition to the rash, there is a constant itching. Such symptoms may indicate the presence of scabies, eczema, urticaria. Noticing the symptoms the patient you need to see a doctor because the disease can spread throughout the body.

How to treat pimples on the arms above the elbow

Starting treatment, the patient must understand that the main thing – the regularity of the procedures. The prescribing physician should perform in time and in full. For example, if acne is caused by allergies then be sure to take antihistamines. After that you can make lotions from broth chamomile or succession.

If pimples are one of the symptoms of folliculitis, you need to treat them with antiseptic solutions, such as fukortsin. In chronic course of the disease the doctor prescribes antibiotics. The kind of antibiotics selected individually.

Sometimes pimples on the arms above the elbow are due to a lack of vitamin D. In the summer to replenish the supply of this vitamin can be simply sunbathing on the sun. In winter and autumn will have to drink a course of vitamin. However, they must also appoint a physician as it is necessary to determine not only the drug but also prescribe the correct dosage. Yourself do not do this, because self-medication can only aggravate the situation and not bring the desired result.