The skin should be carefully cleaned - everyone knows that. So get your anti-bacterial gel or foam, and thoroughly wash them twice a day. If your face is much inflamed areas with pus - wash your face with a scrub, it is wonderfully exfoliate dead particles, will prepare the skin for tonics, creams and masks whose components will be much more effective.
What you need to acne gone quickly and did not return for a long time? Absolutely wonderful and well-proven method is a mask of clay. It contains a huge amount of anti-bacterial elements as well as substances, improves the General condition of the skin - minerals, mineral salts. Mask of clay is truly a salvation for those who wish to get rid of rashes as soon as possible, because they not only dried, but also effectively and quickly relieve redness and creates refreshing skin. Types of clay there is quite a lot, and if you need to not only strengthen the skin and quick relief from acne - pay attention to the black, blue and green clay, as the proportion of the drying of the components there just "shock". If you suffer from severe purulent inflammation, try to strengthen the action of the clay mask with 2-3 drops of scented tea tree oil - the result will not keep itself waiting. Tea tree is a well - known antibacterial and regenerating component.
In order to successfully deal with local major acne and inflammation, you can use several tools. A great tool is the aforementioned tea tree oil, it reduces the size of the inflammation, dries and reduces the likelihood of marks and sores after a pimple goes. Take a cotton swab and gently cauterized the pimple with tea tree oil. If your skin is very scaly, then you can use the essential oil under the oil-based. Apricot is well suited because it does not clog pores.