Acne on back and shoulders: causes

There are two groups of reasons that cause the appearance of acne on the back: external and internal. External refers in the first place, the wearing of non-natural, synthetic tissues, which leads to the fact that the skin under it is almost not breathing. Moreover, the skin in the area exposed to increased friction against the clothing, but the result becomes just the multiplication of bacteria. The second reason may be the strong fascination with the sun, causing the skin produces a greater amount of fat, and this, in turn, is manifested in clogging of pores and appearance of acne. If the acne on back and shoulders already are the place to be, can only make the situation worse by damaging the skin: to scratch, to dig them. And this becomes a greater proliferation and inflammation.

Acne on back and shoulders: causes internal

There are also internal factors, which lead to the formation of acne. For example, one such important reason is allergies. Indeed, to anything, allergies can cause acne, which looks very similar to the marks that occur when skin contact with nettles.

Another important cause of acne on back may be the presence in the body hormonal failure. In that case, if the production of hormones is disturbed, it stimulates the formation of fat, which, in turn, leads to clogging of pores. There is an inflammatory process. Most often this problem is seen in adolescent children and pregnant women.

The following causes of pimples on back and shoulders – presence of bacterial infection. In particular, some types of bacteria can cause the appearance of pimples on the body. Most often, this rash inherent in the inflammation and pus formation. The appearance of the rash can be the result of improper working of the digestive system. With the unhealthy food the body can "repay" acne on back and shoulders.

Thus, if you want to get rid of back acne, you should first determine the cause of their formation, and only then to concentrate on home methods of struggle with them.

How to get rid of acne on back and shoulders independently

In that case, if the problem is not widespread, it is possible to cope with pimples independently. Importantly, the treatment process proceeded sequentially, and the treatment was comprehensive. It is worth remembering that in the case that such methods do not lead to a positive result – to get rid of acne on the back or could not, moreover, there is only deterioration, it is better to consult a specialist.

As you know, proper and balanced diet is essential for beautiful and healthy skin. If, on the contrary, the diet is dominated by fatty and fried food, sweet food or alcohol, it is necessary to revise it. It is necessary to refuse such food, and to include in your daily diet fruits, vegetables, more grains.

To get rid of acne on back and shoulders will help the daily use of the warm shower, allowing the proper way to clean the skin from dirt and sweat on it. In any case, even if the back acne do not exist, it is better not to forget about hygiene in the prevention. In order drying the existing acne is to use either coal-tar soap or antibacterial gel. If the rash is quite common, then a visit to the steam room once or twice during the week can help to get rid of her, clear skin.

To get rid of acne on back and shoulders will help and special external tools. After visiting the soul should treat the pimples protivopravnykh tonic, and then lubricate the area with cream. You can use these effective drugs as not effective, tea tree oil, salicylic lotion, zinc ointment. Treatment of inflammation is necessary to carry out twice a day.

There is another way to get rid of back acne – the use of clay masks. The procedure is simple: apply clay to the skin over wrap with cling film and leave for quarter of an hour. To implement this procedure is necessary once or twice a week.