Causes redness of the elbows

Reasons why you may experience redness of the elbows, not very much. The most common of these is a sedentary Desk job, in which the elbows for a long time based on the table. In this regard the skin is irritated, rubbed, and the process of blood circulation in it is broken.

Redness of the skin at the elbow can be associated with various diseases of the thyroid gland. Therefore, in order to exclude the presence of this factor, it is recommended to undergo ultrasound examination.

The slagging of the body, and problems with internal organs (in most cases it's the pancreas or liver) also can cause redness of the elbows. Due to the violation of their normal functioning, and affects all metabolic processes in the body. This affects the condition of the skin of the elbows.

With reddish bumps on the elbows that is not itchy, it is possible to suspect the presence of psoriasis. The probability of occurrence of these symptoms has in the hives. Roughness, redness and itching of the skin can be associated with dryness due to any external stimuli.

Red spots on skin may appear due to improper diet or individual intolerance of any particular product.
Cause redness of the skin can become allergic.

Actions in case of skin irritation elbows

In order to eliminate redness of the elbows, you need to determine the cause of this manifestation of reason. Help can dermatologist, allergist or endocrinologist.
Only a specialist is able to prescribe effective treatment.

To remove rough patch of skin on the elbows, using the people's way. Before taking a bath or shower to RUB the rough skin lemon or raw potatoes and allow to soak for 15 minutes. During water treatment, the crust should be rubbed with a sponge so that it is moved. After that, the elbow is necessary to grease fat cream, wrap with plastic wrap and wrap with a bandage. The procedure gives results after 3-4 applications.

Rapid healing of sore wounds contribute to a hot bath with the addition of baking soda. Healing solution is prepared with 5 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 liter of boiling water. In slightly cooled water drops elbows and hold on to purchase pink hue. In the procedure, it is possible to use scrub after it – fat cream.

To bleach the elbows you can, rubbed the surface of lemon juice, cucumber and Apple slices.