These red dots indicate the result of improper shaving. Hair follicles are connected by ducts with fat nerve endings, and are therefore too rough or sharp shaving can cause irritation, and with constant irritation inflammation becomes chronic. The result: nasty red dots on the legs, resembling rash, unpleasant.
Red dots on legs can also occur after removal of ingrown hairs. To avoid the appearance of red points, it is necessary to properly carry out the waxing. If you have very sensitive skin, prone to redness, then discard tools, and wax strips. It is better to use conventional razors. Do not use a dull razor, just sharp and new.
Before you start to bring the legs in order steam them. From steamed skin much easier and less painful to remove unwanted hair. Best take a hot bath – 10 minutes will be enough.
Do a light exfoliation of the feet, preferably with a soft tool, you can even natural – coffee, sugar, oat flakes. Then apply on the leg, which is going to shave foam or gel for shaving. Using a sharp razor, carefully and gently, without jerks, move from the foot up.
After shaving, rinse your legs with cool water, Pat dry (do not RUB, do not irritate the skin). Then apply to feet soothing or moisturizing foot cream.
If the red dots are already there, try not to irritate the leg shaving. Apply the antibacterial remedies with cortisone, they are sold in pharmacies. Do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, camphor, menthol – they will irritate the skin.
To the red spots were less noticeable, get a tan under the natural sun or in a Solarium, you can apply bronzer. Only here be careful not to overdo it – Golden plaque would be enough not to burn your suffering skin!