Determine the cause of the rash. Perhaps we should exclude some foods from the diet, or to abandon the synthetic sweaters, blouses or t-shirts, the use of powders, cleaners.
If the rash is caused by an allergic reaction to any medications, discontinue their use, and the resulting rash treat with hydrogen peroxide. In any case do not scrub your hands, it can lead to infection of blood or tissues. In the treatment of an allergic rash will help, and antihistamines. Buying them at the pharmacy, carefully read the annotation to medication.
The metabolic disorders can also cause a rash on the hands. To treat usually prescribed special individual diet, in which you have to build your diet.
Use cleansers for the skin, the alcohol or alcohol-containing cosmetic products (for example, the tincture of calendula). They do not eliminate the causes of a rash, but it dried the bubbles and facilitate their faster healing.
Taking a shower, use exfoliating gels and scrubs. After shower, apply on hands moisturizer lotion if. In the skin you can also RUB the solution from sea or salt.
If the rash is caused by hormonal changes in your body, and the bubbles appeared pimples, in no case do not squeeze the pus. Regularly clean the skin, treat acne with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Will help in this situation brewer's yeast. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, limiting starchy and starchy products. In an extreme case, refer to the endocrinologist.
More are in the sun. Ultraviolet rays help in the treatment of rash of any origin. In the autumn-winter period can take advantage of the Solarium.
In serious cases, consult a specialist or dermatologist. It will help in solving this problem, and appointed competent treatment.