Key measures

Best with goose bumps handle of fruit acid or enzyme peels, which exfoliate dead skin, visibly improving its texture, color and appearance. To complement the use of cosmetics is desirable a sauna or steam bath and body wraps with a special clay. It will not hurt and massage is best for this disease fit vacuum, anti-cellulite and General massages.

Bumps on the body or goose bumps called follicular hyperkeratosis and do not give the full and irreversible recovery.

Inflammation under the skin can be significantly reduced or prevented, if you do not use a rough scrub, and do not SuperCool and not to overheat the body under the sunlight. In the presence of pimples not allowed to do mechanical cleaning of the skin, as this leads to destruction of the hardened cells and the appearance of small wounds through which the bacteria enter skin and form abscesses. To avoid this, cleaning should be done by exfoliating with lactic, glycolic or salicylic based.

Care for skin with pimples

After cleansing skin peeling with fruit acids or enzymes that your palms and hands should be lubricated with lotion and body lotion. To prevent the peeling and dryness, also need to use anti-inflammatory cream. The above procedure should be performed daily, not only swiping them after peeling, but after a bath in the water where you have added the milk or herbal decoction of celandine, chamomile, thyme, nettle leaves, horse chestnut.

However, in the pursuit of smooth skin not to get involved with even the best peels, because the constant irritation, will accelerate the formation of new keratinized cells.

People suffering from follicular hyperkeratosis, you should not sunbathe because the sun's rays from the body is actively secreted moisture, causing the skin becomes thinner and dries out. To quickly ogrubevaet the epidermis begin to form microscopic cracks, which after infection turns into scar tissue. Also, if the pimples do not use ordinary soap – it must be replaced with a moisturizing gel. After each water treatments on the body apply a moisturizing lotion. The scrub can be used only if the skin is not inflamed areas.