That appears small red bumps on thighs not add to the charm of the girl, they need to get rid of. There are several step-by-step actions that should be performed daily.


At any time of year, the body sweats. Stressful job, endless house - constant movement. Plus tights and jeans, pants and shorts do not allow the skin to breathe. The same effect from synthetic underwear and not the cleanest benches of the gym. There are rashes, pimples, boils.

The situation can be remedied by daily use of hard washcloth in the shower and normal soap. If every day to start working on the skin with a cool shower and cleansed, then the problem of acne on the thighs and other parts of the body will disappear by itself.


Leather requires care, and there is now a sufficient amount of funds that are created specifically for softening and moisturizing. Body creams are in great demand and have sufficient efficiency.

The alternative can serve as cream and butter. Suitable means for skin care after shaving. Another option could be the a face cream, which for some reason did not like. Why keep it in a drawer or throw away when you can perfectly use it. The main thing to remember, you must ensure that the expiry date has not expired.

You cannot use expired creams, oils and balms, as from defective means of acne may be even more.


Don't miss a moment. You should not let acne take their course. Measures need to be taken immediately. To cauterize the rash with alcohol, salicylic acid or lotion, alcohol tincture of calendula, peroxide of hydrogen. You can also use special tools and even iodine. The main thing – not to allow the infection to spread further.


Finally to cure acne on the thighs. Pressure should not ever. If you need to get rid of small red pimples completely, is daily to cleanse, moisturize and treat the skin. If formed boils (pustular inflammation), instead of small rashes, make sure to immediately consult a doctor. The expert will tell you how you must behave in a given situation.

To care for your skin every day is necessary because when the body is in order, he will do everything himself, including get rid of the hated pimples.