To get rid of acne on the body, many spend their burning, squeezing and peeling of the skin. However, all this brings only a temporary effect. To say goodbye to acne, you need to identify the reason for their appearance.

Common causes of acne

After doing some research, the experts came to the conclusion that in most cases body acne occur due to hormones. This occurs not only during adolescence but also later. The thing is that often women and men because of the strong stress or excessive stress increases the production of hormones, which leads to rashes on the body. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and not be nervous, even when in life there unpleasant situation.

Acne on the body may indicate the poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract. This usually occurs when the body receives an excessive amount of carbohydrates and a shortage of amino acids. In this case, you need to reconsider your diet. To incorporate more fruits, vegetables and cereals. Along with this, it is recommended to start taking minerals and vitamins.

Cause pimples on the skin may cosmetics for body care. After all, many creams and lotions includes a significant amount of "stimuli" that trigger the appearance of body rashes. So before purchasing cosmetics for body care, it is recommended to pay attention to its composition. It should not go to the following substances: lanolin, sulfur, squalene, red pigments D and C, mineral oil.

A weakened immune system is another reason because of which very often pimples on the body. They arise from the fact that the body cannot cope with a large number of bacteria that trigger skin rashes. They can also occur due to normal exposure, which no one is immune to the cold season.

Rare causes of acne on the body

Intoxication can lead to pimples. It usually manifests itself as a result of food poisoning. The body through lesions on the skin is trying to say that he is unhealthy. Therefore, they cannot be ignored. In case of intoxication as soon as possible to consult a doctor.

Allergies and heredity also lead to the appearance of pimples on the body. In addition, their appearance can provoke a change of climate and certain types of drugs.