The easiest option rash – prickly heat. It normally occurs in young children because of the immaturity of their sweat glands and people leading an active lifestyle and having a strong sweating. To treat it with ointments and powders. Drying effect and anti-inflammatory effects is zinc ointment and some creams containing zinc. This element, along with the talc and the other components is a part of baby powders. They may be used, if necessary, and adults.
In addition, should take a daily shower and clean the places where there was the sweating sickness, cleansing wipes, moistened with salicylic acid. You can also try taking baths with a decoction of horsetail or overlay of an application of aloes, and the tincture of calendula. Dry and disinfect the skin you can by wiping it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Do not use body scrubs because they cause irritation and more rashes on the body.
To the body had rashes, follow your diet. Do not eat a lot of sweets, fatty and starchy food. But fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet needs to be permanent.
Quite often the reason for the rash on the body is an allergic reaction to any foods and medicines, vaccinations, and individual chemicals (e.g. washing powder). This rash can appear a few hours after contact with the allergen. Try to reduce itching with cool compresses or special ointments that are easily purchased at the pharmacy. If the rash is a large area, you'll have to take antihistamines. But this requires compulsory consultation of the doctor of the corresponding profile.
Often the rash is a result of some infectious disease. Very often they are sick children. This, for example, measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox and rubella. Rashes in each case different: she keeps for several days and then disappears. If the infection is picked up the child, you need to monitor his condition. If necessary, give him antipyretics. It is important not to comb itchy pimples and scabs that the sores did not get another infection. Adults suffer such diseases is much worse. Rubella is especially dangerous for pregnant women because of its negative impact on the fetus.
Although in most cases, the rash associated with viral and bacterial infections, does not require any treatment, make sure to call the house doctor. First, he correctly diagnose the disease and tell you what you need to ease symptoms. And secondly, will exclude the presence of more serious diseases, which can also be accompanied by a rash – meningitis, Lyme disease, toxic shock syndrome, etc. These diseases are life-threatening. They should be treated with the help of medicine, and the sooner the better.