How to get rid of acne on the hands? After puberty, the problem usually disappears, but many young people, this expectation is not satisfied. They want to look good now. Therefore, in the fight for clear skin you can try some tools.
Usually pimples on the hands are caused by the malfunction of the digestive tract, so it does not hurt to consult a gastroenterologist. You may need to undergo tests to determine the cause of the rash and prescribe the necessary treatment.
When metabolism disorder in adolescence sometimes help brewer's yeast. Should limit the use of starchy foods – pasta, potatoes, to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. In spring and winter need to take vitamins.
The main rule in the fight against pimples on the hands – not to squeeze them. This acne is only getting bigger. If your hands and reach for the shoulder to squeeze the pimple, it is a habit. To be rid of it, try at home to wear clothes with sleeves.
Of the external means to get rid of pimples on the hands well help products that contain drying antibacterial components. Tan in reasonable doses is also useful in dealing with the rash on the hands. Sunlight dried the skin and it becomes cleaner. So in the fight against acne, you can use the Solarium and in the summer to take the sun with this UV light.
If you have pimples on the hands, very useful during shower use an exfoliating gel or scrub. But to use scrubs only if the pimples are not a symptom of an infectious disease! After shower apply to the skin moisturizing lotion or oil free cream for the body.
As external funds from pimples , you can also try to RUB into the problem area of the hands of a concentrated solution of sea salt. If no media do not help to solve the problem, consult a dermatologist.