To begin with you should understand that because of what all appear inflamed?

The first reason is a very active sebaceous glands – they clog pores. This violates the skin breath, some places become uneven.

The second is the genetic information transmitted from parents. It is due to the fact that a person has seen the inherent flaws of the pores with an incorrect self-cleaning.

The third reason is the quality of the clothes. Things made of synthetics aren't breathable, so the skin does not breathe and it accumulated mud, dust and sweat.

Fourth – stress. Yes, it is one of the main reasons for the appearance of unwanted pimples. Tension nerve directly affects the hormones that are involved in the development of the sebaceous glands.

The fifth reason – the deficiency of vitamins in the body.

Sixth – puberty. During this period produces a lot of hormones that increase the diameter of the pores on the skin, causing a high probability of acne.

How to clear skin back quickly?

  1. Less likely to wear clothes made of synthetics. The best substitutes are considered things of cotton, linen or silk. Rough straps increase inflammation.
  2. A good method is taking a bath with potassium permanganate. To do this, dissolve a small amount of crystals to pale pink hue. Be careful – if you increase the number of crystals, the skin can become dry and you can get severe burns! Soak in water should not exceed 20 minutes. In the end, you should blot the skin with a soft towel, avoiding rubbing against the fabric. This way to do not more often than once in 2 days.
  3. Sunbathing, going to the tanning salon – these methods are permitted, but only in moderation. A large number of ultraviolet rays in no way will help to cure inflammation. Skin oil to eliminate completely – they clog pores and do not allow infection to come out, so inflammation last long.
  4. 3% hydrogen peroxide will help get rid of the problem areas, if it is to treat the skin every day. The same effect will give the tincture of calendula.
  5. Bath with healing herbs such as chamomile, succession, celandine not only cleanse the skin and make it supple.

If traditional medicines is alarming, you can purchase a proven tool that helps for a few days to get rid of acne, it's a Zener or not effective.