Causes of rash on elbows and knees

Regardless of the place of its localization, a body rash is a sign of pathological changes of the skin. Being a kind of reaction, it itches and causes discomfort, forcing to hide the affected area of the body under the clothes.

The nature of the rash may not be unique. In some people, it appears due to friction elbows and knees on synthetic clothing, employees of hazardous industries it provoke contact with chemical substances. However, the rash can appear as a symptom of fungal or bacterial diseases of an infectious nature.

In addition, the rash on elbows and knees can be an allergic reaction to the influence of such factors as:
- certain cosmetics intended for body care;
- taking certain medications with side effects of rash;
- contact with domestic animals;
- insect bites.

You should also take into account the fact that lesions on the body begin to develop diseases such as chickenpox, rubella, shingles, measles, etc.

Do I need to treat a rash on the elbows and knees?

Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of the rash, it must be eliminated, because the constant itching and scratching detracts from the appearance of the skin and turn into the gate for infection of the organism by pathogenic germs. If rash on elbows and knees was not caused by a disease, risk of infection to others it is not and will be easily eliminated through timely therapeutic interventions. If the rashes are the first sign of any pathology, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medications for local processing and for internal use.

How to relieve itchy feeling when to rashes medical advice?

Before visiting the doctor can try to help yourself to begin ceasing to use cosmetic means which can cause rashes. The affected knees and elbows are useful to treat the olive oil, which not only eliminate discomfort, but also will accelerate the healing process of irritated by scratching.

If the rash was the consequence of contact with poisonous plants, the skin should be washed with cold soapy water and treat with an antihistamine lotion. This procedure can be alternated with opolaskivaniem decoction of chamomile. If areas of the rash turned into dry and flaky surface, they must constantly moisturize with olive oil or aloe Vera gel.