First, you should understand that the shoulders, in the same way as the chest, back, and face are highly susceptible to any hormonal changes - and in the case of the predominance of male hormone (androgens) begin to secrete enough sebum that leads to clogged pores and spread of bacteria. What to do in this case? To test for the correlation of hormones and get a doctor's appropriate treatment, if the detected imbalance.
Also pay attention to your diet - acne and inflammation can be a sign of disturbed metabolism, a large number of accumulated toxins and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. So you need some time to sit on a cleansing diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, green tea, dairy products and eliminate all the fatty, sweet or spicy. However, after a week-long diet you can treat yourself to a piece of chocolate the most important thing in nutrition is moderation. It would also be useful to drink a course of vitamin b, which makes the skin supple and fresh, as well as significantly increases its immunity.
Acne on the shoulders can dry light tan - true, the sun should be taken very carefully as burned and weakened, our skin can't resist the inflammation. But Golden and natural shade is also able to hide minor flaws and marks from acne.
Very often on the skin negatively impact the hair - for example, wash the head with shampoo and conditioner. If you have oily skin on shoulders, wash anti-bacterial gel or foam, then wipe the skin with a soft lotion with a small amount of alcohol and apply non-greasy gel or cream with moisturizing effect. If a strong inflammation can slightly sprinkle the skin with an antibacterial talcum powder.
Masks can be done not only on the face, and especially from clay, which is perfectly refreshes the skin of the back and shoulders as well as fights inflammation and immediately reduces the oiliness of the skin, absorbing excess fat and regulating the sebaceous glands with the help of active minerals and salts. If your shoulders are sore a lot of elements, you can add in the clay mass of 2-3 drops of tea tree oil has a drying and antibacterial effect.
If the skin on your face is also a problem, then you have to pay close attention to hygiene and to have a separate towel for the body. Because very often bacteria from the face are transferred to the body, including the shoulders.
Try to wear clothes made of natural and breathable materials, and quite free, not blood circulation and don't inhibit movement.