You will need
  • passport, obligatory medical insurance policy
If you want to see the doctor without leaving home or office, take advantage of the free service, which provides a large number of modern hospitals. Many medical institutions have their own websites, where every patient has access to the Internet can schedule an appointment.
To get started, go to the online resource, owned by the hospital you wish to visit and open the page to make an appointment. If you don't know who that is you better seek medical help, look for all the necessary information on the website, or read reviews about the doctors left their patients on the forums.
Determine the doctor, find his name in the list of professionals who can pre-record. Think about what time you may wish to visit. On the page of the self-there is all information about how long you can still book an appointment and what time is taken.
By choosing a convenient time of visit, type in a special electronic Windows your surname, name, patronymic, passport number, policy number of compulsory health insurance. If the entry is successful, come to the reception on time. You can not go in the registry. Immediately go to the doctor's office as your medical card by this time, already be a specialist.
Remember that some medical institutions is not provided for the appointment of those persons who return to the hospital for the first time. For electronic records over the Internet need to card number of the patient was entered into an electronic database. If you experience certain problems when recording, please call the reception Desk of the medical institution. Its staff will answer all your questions.
If you register online does not work, try to do it on the phone. The phone number of the hospital can be found on the website of the institution. If you have an appointment on the Internet for several weeks, call the Registrar's office on the appointed day to determine whether the reception you are interested in specialist. This will help you to save time if your doctor is in the hospital due to illness or other valid reason.