You will need
  • passport, obligatory medical insurance policy.
If you need to visit a dermatologist, find out what medical facility you should contact. As a rule, such a person accepts in district clinics only on certain days. If your problem requires a more profound approach, contact a specialized medical center.
Call the reception Desk of the hospital or clinic and find out when taking dermatologist and how long recording is possible. Also, check how you can schedule an appointment. In most hospitals this can be done by phone.
If you have never went to this clinic, it is likely that you have to sign on to the doctor via the registry. The doctor on duty will issue you a medical card and then will offer you a time to visit. To enroll in the card file and electronic database of the hospital to bring your passport and medical insurance. These documents it is better to have on the day of admission.
In case you have already been treated in a medical facility that wish to attend can make an appointment to see the doctor through the terminal. In most modern medical facilities of the terminals are located in the lobby near the front Desk. Store in a database your name, name, name, and policy number of compulsory health insurance. Next, select in the list of experts that doctor, whom you need to visit and also a convenient time for you visit.
In some modern hospitals exist the appointment through the Internet. It can be done directly on the website of the hospital. Find a special form to record and enter in the appropriate electronic Windows your surname, name and patronymic, as well as the policy number of compulsory health insurance. Next, choose a dermatologist in the list of doctors working in this medical facility, and reserve a convenient time for you appointment.
After your enrolment you will not need to go to the front Desk on the day of admission. Your medical card and coupon for a doctor's visit would be in the office of a dermatologist.