You will need
  • - the insurance certificate of the child;
  • - medical card.
Find out if in your city the single registry. This can be done, for example, after you have consulted with your district hospital. If such a service exists, then you can burn child to the doctor on the phone or through the Internet website of the unified registry of your region. For recording via the Internet you will have to first create a personal account in which it will be necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the child, his place of residence, the plots in the clinic, to whom he is assigned and the details of the insurance policy.
After account activation you will receive access to record the child on reception to the doctor. Note that in this way you can receive a direction only to some types of specialists - a pediatrician, dentist, surgeon, ophthalmologist or a pediatric gynecologist. To doctors of other specialties for your child can be allocated only after consultation with pediatrician General practice. When you register, you will be able to choose the day and time most convenient for you and the baby. If necessary, the entry can be canceled or adjusted by going to your personal account on the site.
In the absence of a single registry record of the child to the doctor through the usual children's clinic. The rules here depend on the particular medical institution. In some cases, recording is possible by phone, in others only by personal visit of a parent to the reception Desk, and in a strictly specified time. In this case you will be given a card with the date and time of reception, as well as the name of the specialist and the number of his office.
In a private medical centre child usually can be recorded on the phone during working hours. But be prepared for the fact that it is known to specialists in popular medical institutions can be place, and your child will be able to find a place in the schedule specialist in just a few days.