How to take antibiotics without harm to health

1) On the appointment

Uncontrolled reception of antibiotics, in many cases, ends with the dysbacteriosis, various allergic reactions, toxic lesions of kidneys, liver and other vital organs. In order not to harm yourself, take them to be strictly by appointment. To interrupt the recommended course of treatment midway is impossible, even if the condition has improved significantly. Usually, it lasts only a week, sometimes 10 days. If you ignore this rule, the next time the drug is unlikely to help, and so will the risk of transfer of infection in the chronic form. Bacteria insidious, they have long been able to adapt and to resist the effect of the applied drugs against them. They mutate, pass into another form, the most resistant often manage to survive and reproduce plenty of offspring that are resistant to antibiotics. This is perhaps the greatest problem of modern medicine.


Not to miss any doses of prescribed medications, or the treatment may not produce the desired effect. If antibiotics are prescribed to take twice a day, should do so strictly by time (it will not hurt to set your phone reminder). For example, according to this scheme: the first pill at 7: 30, the second at 19.30, i.e. exactly 12 hours. This will provide for constant antimicrobial concentration of active substance in the body. If prescribed, take one tablet per day, this means that the drug works 24 hours and is necessary to take it every day at the same hour. Simultaneous reception of preparations containing lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, will protect the beneficial intestinal flora.

3) Important nuances

Taking antibiotics eliminates the use of alcohol – it can not only change the effect of the drug on the body, but to provoke side effects, and very unexpected.

Taking antibiotics when SARS impossible. Sometimes doctors prescribe them with other drugs, but this happens only in situations when in addition to acute respiratory infections was discovered and bacterial infection. It is important to know that antibiotics are effective only against it, in dealing with viruses, they are useless.

Buying antibiotics should be wary of fakes. According to the who it among the drugs of antibacterial action there is a huge number of them.