You will need
  • passport, obligatory medical insurance policy
To get on reception to the gynecologist of female consultation, find the phone number of this medical facility and call the main Desk. Number you can find on the pages of the city directory or on the Internet. Put it in your notebook as you may need it more than once.
Calls to company, at the reception, ask the duty doctor all the questions you have regarding the time of the reception of your local gynecologist. If the specialist is on holiday, find out which doctor you can come for inspection or consultation. Ask if you can schedule an appointment by phone. This notation will be most convenient for you.
Unfortunately, in many antenatal appointments on the phone is impossible. Doctors take coupons that you can obtain at the reception, but give them only at certain times. For those who live in a rather remote location from a medical distance, this recording method is extremely inconvenient, as in fact they have to come to the antenatal clinic twice.
If you go to any women's clinic for the first time, you will have an appointment with the gynecologist via the registry, as the doctor on duty initially, you will need to get you medical card and then make you an appointment. Bring your passport and medical insurance.
Possible use the terminal for self. Modern electronic terminals located in many antenatal clinics. To schedule an appointment, please enter in the electronic Windows of their surname, name and patronymic, and passport number and the policy of obligatory medical insurance. Next, choose the desired doctor, and a convenient time for you visit.
Many women's clinics also provides for the recording on the Internet. Find out whether your chosen clinic with your site, and go to the official website of the medical institution. Next, fill in your data in the appropriate electronic field, select it in the list of workers of the name of your GP and book your preferred appointment time. When you come for inspection or consultation to the gynecologist, your medical card will have it. Self recording and recording via the Internet is possible only for those patients who have already attended the clinic.