You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the insurance pension certificate;
  • - old medical insurance policy have expired insurance;
  • - receipt of payment for medical services (if you paid the hospital or state medical institution on a fee basis).
If you do not have policy of obligatory medical insurance, but you require emergency medical assistance, call emergency medical help. You will provide the necessary care or will take for treatment in the hospital. On the basis of your illness and temporary disability will be issued by the hospital sheet.
When the disease that do not require emergency medical care, you can contact public or private medical institution, pay the list of services on the price list. If your health condition does not allow to work, will prescribe the sick list. All paid medical institutions that have a state license for the provision of services to the population, have the right to issue sick leave for legitimate reasons.
In case you get sick but you have no means to receive paid medical care, and thus you do not have insurance policy, contact the insurance company with a government license. You on the same day will be given a temporary medical insurance certificate, which you quite legitimately, legally have the right to receive free medical care in any similar institution in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Within 30 days you will issue permanent insurance.
To obtain the policy you will need your passport, insurance pension certificate, statement, the old policy expired if you have it. Insurance a medical insurance policy be given to all Russian citizens and citizens of other States with a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation.
On the basis of a temporary medical certificate you will receive for free the whole list of medical services will issue a certificate of incapacity that is associated with your illness or disease of the child up to 14 years old who needs care.