How to enroll in the clinic in Barnaul

For a long time at the reception in the clinic to the doctor was recorded only through the reference in the registry. It was the only way to get to the right specialist. Unfortunately, in Barnaul this recording method was not productive. For residents – it's a waste of time and nerves. Endless queues, the showdown about the registry long wait – all of these factors contributed to the negative attitude of the patients to the attendants of the clinic.

With 2012 the majority of Russian citizens have the opportunity to sign up to the doctor through the electronic registry. Was created a single electronic database that doctors are required to make all data about their patients. For recording via the Internet, you must know the policy number General Health Insurance. Also you will be required to specify the full Name and address. In Barnaul there are 2 ways to enroll to the doctor without Queuing.

The first way

In the lobby of the clinic are equipped with information terminals, through which it is possible to pass to a certain doctor. To do this, you choose the doctor, date and time of receipt. The terminal displays a card with the complete data about the doctor, room number, time and date of reception. On the appointed day, you come to the clinic and give the card to the attending physician noted in the electronic database all patients.

The second way

If you register on the website you are interested in clinic, you will get the opportunity to use the services of online registries. In Barnaul online registries work in every clinic, as any self-respecting medical establishment has its own website. You will be asked to undergo a series of steps to make an appointment to see a doctor. The rules of online registries differ slightly from the normal rules of the registry. Plus is that it is not necessary to stand in line. Everything can be done from the comfort of home.

Remote communication between patient and doctor greatly facilitates the problem of their appointment in the clinic. But there are disadvantages. First, if you haven't been in the clinic previously, you will have to go to a regular registry. Second, the electronic registration system is working perfect and often crashes. Thirdly, because of the human factor, you just might forget to bring in a unified electronic database. .

In Barnaul there is a positive trend of informing the hospital staff about new ways to make an appointment to see a doctor. Residents are increasingly turning to the online registry.