Please read the information about the specialists and the time from official sources. It could be advertising, or personal website cardiology center.
Make a call to the cardiocenter and clarify details of interest. The representative of the institution will tell you how to get to them.
To get to a cardiac center and get a free consultation and treatment is possible only in direction. It writes the HMO network. It is to him to go to the initial consultation. To do this, call the clinic at his residence and make an appointment.
Pass the necessary examination, which will appoint the attending cardiologist. You need to take common tests, electrocardiograms and other procedures depending on the disease.
Visit the district secondary consultation by a cardiologist. Her doctor will review the results of the survey will determine the number of indications for treatment. Only then will he be able to write a referral to a cardiac center.
Before attending the centreand be sure to call the registry and verify the day of the visit, if necessary, coordinate the time of admission.