You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the medical policy of the child.
To register your child for the appointment with the pediatrician by phone. Dial the number of the registry and let you replied to the Registrar that they wish to get on reception to the doctor. After that, he'll check availability and assign you the date and time of receipt. Write them down.
If the clinic is near, you can go there and sign up directly in the registry. You may have to stand in queue for ticket. It is necessary to have the passport and the policy of obligatory medical insurance of your child.
You can register your child to the doctor, using the Internet on a special website. Go to this website address you can find in your clinic. Find the right medical facility and the doctor's name. You will see the schedule its work, choose a convenient time and day. In the opened page, write your surname, name, patronymic of the child, the address, the number of his health insurance policy, your email address, verification code from the picture. After that, click "OK". If all data is correct to the specified email address will receive confirmation that your application has been processed and you have an appointment. In addition, on the day of recording you will receive a reminder. Will only come in time.
At the hospital, where a special terminal for your appointment, use them. In the right window enter the data of the child, the name of the pediatrician you would like to get a policy number. After processing your information, the unit will be given a ticket, which will indicate the time and date of visit. Enter only accurate data, fill in all the fields that will offer the program, otherwise the doctor would be impossible.