Gynecology busy studying physiological and pathological processes in the female body in different periods of sexual development. Obstetrics is a sub-branch of gynaecology in the study of physiology and pathology of pregnancy, from conception to monitoring during the postpartum period.

The relationship of obstetrics and gynecology

In a narrow sense, a gynecologist deals with all the processes of the sexual sphere of the female body outside of pregnancy, and the obstetrician – leads the processes of conception and childbirth. Obstetrics and gynecology are closely intertwined, since learning processes are inseparable from each other. Childbirth can be a cause of many female ailments and diseases can interfere with normal course of pregnancy and a full-fledged offspring and natural childbirth. So often the separation of obstetrician and gynecologist - conditional. All health care workers go to medical school with one specialty – Ob / GYN.

The differences of doctor-gynecologist from Ob

The following differences exist between a doctor and a midwife:

the doctor examines the patient, gives advice, and a midwife delivers a baby;
- doctors working in hospitals and observe the state of the patients and obstetricians in specialized maternity hospitals;
- two directions of a single medical specialization;
- obstetricians and gynecologists - professionals who know all the subtleties of specialization, but dealing with the different practices.

In most cases it turns out that one doctor almost his entire working life working for the benefit of the maternity hospital and its patients, in this case he is practicing obstetrics; the other in the female Konsultatsii if the clinic treats gynecological diseases. In fact, and in another case surgery, but the manipulation is still different. Some medical institutions have provided for rotation of doctors. Them periodically change positions to maintain a high level of professional expertise in all areas of its specialty.

Professional obstetrician-gynecologist must perfectly navigate the issues of health protection of mother and child, provide medical care, both in normal and in difficult situations. Every doctor has their own individual role and area of responsibility for women's health. If a pregnant patient before you will get on reception to the doctor, the less the risk of complications. In addition to treatment and delivery, obstetricians and gynecologists provide patients with detailed advice.