Take the passport or other document proving your identity, as well as documents that are necessary for the solution of the question.Come to Department on work with letters and references of citizens and write a statement in which you state the purpose of your visit. Also, specify in that statement, your passport data and contact numbers. After a few days you must call and notify you of the date and time that you recorded on admission.
When you write the application, be sure to get your registration number.To increase your chances to get on reception to the Governor, do not put in the statement, all the aspects of your question.
Find out whether the Governor's personal website and send the application form on this website.You can also try to register in reception to the Governor, calling his receptioning.
If you register for reception is not possible, state the nature of your question in writing and send a letter to the Governor. The response should be sent to you within a month.Today more and more gaining popularity on the Internet welcomes citizens, so you can visit the official website of the Governor and to ask questions directly on the website. Find out does your Governor Internet receptions and the time of their conduct. Internet conferences are convenient because they are provided with the opportunity to ask the Governor, inconvenient and pointed questions without hesitation. Often, such communication becomes for both parties beneficial, trusting and as open as possible. If on some issues the Governor doesn't have time to answer during the online conference, such questions do not remain without attention, they take personal control of the Governor and answers to be published.