Interestingly, Pavel Alekseevich - the person is very public and is quite reachable for the ordinary citizens of Russia participates in numerous forums, has its own private outdoor reception and leads a very active virtual life that allows you to simply share your problems and get a decent and competent answers to all interesting questions of the townsfolk.

Personal meetings

Anyone can use the opportunity to meet Astakhov, at the official reception in Moscow at the address: Staraya square, building 4; write a letter or call a special hotline number which is easily to find in free access in the Internet. In addition, you can compose an email to the personal Inbox of a lawyer

Virtual acquaintance

Today Astakhov has two official website, one of which has the status of personal, intended to discuss the many legal issues very different orientation, and the other is associated with a high governmental position, his main purpose is to attract attention to minors. and equipped with all contact information and a phone hotline where you can leave your applications and receive answers to your questions.

Media space

Astakhov has his own category on Twitter and Instagram, so if you have enough skill and experience with these channels, you can easily use these methods of communication with interesting and useful person
Despite the workload, refuses Astakhov and from conducting their own information headings on some Internet sites, which tries to answer particularly interesting questions from readers of similar projects.

Pavel Astakhov is a leading many popular TV shows related to family and civil law, his program, "Astakhov Case", broadcast on one of the most popular TV channels of the country, has long gained wide popularity the public. At the end of each meeting, Astakhov tries to leave personal contact details and a revision number, which viewers at any time can contact with the well-known human rights activist.