Entry to the physician by phone or card

Requirements for prior patient records and the procedure for its implementation in different clinics may differ from each other. For example, in some medical institutions therapist conducts reception queue. A person can go to the front Desk to show the passport and the policy of obligatory medical insurance, then he will immediately go to your doctor. Medical card and registration card will be transferred to his office. In this case, it is only important to preview the schedule of the local therapist.

In some clinics in advance to make an appointment to see a doctor. You need to call on the phone. Phone medical institutions can be found in any reference book or on the Internet. From the employee registry to get information about the schedule of admission for a primary care physician. He will be able to tell what time it can record, and record of the patient to the doctor.

The phone number registry of the polyclinic it is advisable to always have on hand, in case of emergency, do not waste time searching for it.

Some clinics accepted an appointment to the therapist only at certain times. This creates considerable inconvenience for patients. Even more uncomfortable record form is receive the coupons at the front Desk. Recently in the majority of clinics can schedule an appointment with the doctor on your own through the terminal. This option for many patients is extremely inconvenient, since the implementation of appointment need additional visit to the hospital.

Entry to the doctor via the Internet

Make an appointment with the therapist via the Internet. Most modern medical institutions have their own websites. For the implementation of the records to the doctor you need to go to the official website of the clinic to bring in an electronic field the number of your passport and insurance policy number of compulsory health insurance. Next you need to choose a specific doctor and a convenient time to visit. When a patient comes to the hospital at the appointed hour, his card will already be in the doctor's office.

This recording is certainly very convenient for patients, but to use it are only those who are already registered at the clinic and whose data is in an electronic database.

In any event, the record provided only for the planned methods, surveys and referrals of patients as usual. If a person needs to obtain immediate medical assistance, he can contact the clinic even without prior registration and get an appointment with your GP or the duty doctor.